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Github Webhook

Create Roost Webhook

1. Navigate to your Github repo.2. Click "Settings".3. Click "Webhooks". 4. Click "Add webhook" 5. In the payload URL add "https://<enterprise-dns>/api/application/client/git/events/add", Content type as "application/json".6. Click the "let me select ind...

Gitlab Webhook

Create Roost Webhook

1. Navigate to your Gitlab repo. 2. On left sidebar click on Settings > Webhooks.  3. In the URL add "https://<enterprise-dns>/api/application/client/git/events/add". 4. Go to Trigger section and select "Push events", "Merge Request Events" and "Release...

Bitbucket Cloud Webhook

Create Roost Webhook

1. Navigate to your Bitbucket repo.2. On left sidebar click on "Repository Settings". 3. On left sidebar click on "Webhooks". 4. Click "Add webhook". 5. In the Title add a name for the webhook. 6. In the URL add "https://<enterprise-dns>/api/applicat...

Bitbucket Server Webhook

Create Roost Webhook

Navigate to your bitbucket server repo which you have added in the Roost EaaS workflow. Click "Repository settings". Click "Webhooks". Click "Create webhook". Enter Name as "roost-webhook", URL as "https://<enterprise-dns>/api/applica...

Azure Devops Webhook

Create Roost Webhook

1. Navigate to{organization_name}/{project_name} 2. Click on "Project settings" (at bottom left corner) 3. Click on "Service hooks" -> "Create Subscription"->next 4. Click on the dropdown & select "Code pushed"  5. Select...



Installation Command RoostGPT binary is available at Add the "roostgpt-<linux|macos|win.exe>" binary to your PATH environment variable For Linux/MacOS,  you can execute the below command to install roostgpt...

VS Code Extension


The Roost GPT VS code extension allows you to generate tests for your code using RoostGPT with just a click, straight from your VS Code workspace. Download: Installation: To use the Roos...

Self Hosted Solution


For a self-hosted cloud offering, please reach out to us at We'd be delighted to assist you with your specific requirements.

RoostGPT Permissions


This document outlines the permissions and licenses related to the use of third-party components within RoostGPT. Introduction RoostGPT integrates with various third-party components to enhance its functionality and provide a comprehensive user experience. W...