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2. OAuth Provider Setup

Roost supports various authentication mechanisms as mentioned below

  1. Github
  2. Google
  3. Microsoft
  4. Linkedin
  5. Okta

OKTA Auth Client Setup

  • Sign in to your OKTA account with admin privileges (If you do not have an existing Okta account, then sign-up at Home | Okta Developer )
  • From the left navigation menu, go to Applications -> Applications.
  • Select Create App Integration → OIDC - OpenID Connect → Web Application, then click Next
  • Fill in the suitable App integration name, upload the logo.
  • Add Sign-in redirect URIs
    • https://<DNS_NAME>/login
  • Allow Access to users thru Assignments → Controlled Access
    • Select the groups of users or Allow access to everyone
  • Save and Make a note of the Okta Client ID and the Client Secret (It is needed later in the config below)
  • From the left navigation menu, go to Security -> API
  • Make a note of Issuer URI for default Authorisation Server
    • something like https://{your_domain}

Google Auth Client Setup