5. Database Setup

Roost stores the status of the EaaS workflow and other relevant information in Database. Below are the steps to setup an Amazon Aurora DB in AWS

Amazon Aurora

  1. Select RDS

  2. Choose Create Database

  3. Select “Easy Create” for “Amazon Aurora with MYSQL compatibility.”

  4. Modify the RDS Security Group to allow TCP port 3306 access to the Control plane Instance security group only

  5. Make a note of the writer instance database end-point, user, and password (It is needed later in the config below)

  6. Create a new user with read-write privileges and avoid using an admin login.

    # Sample command to create a user using MySQL CLI 
    # Provide password on prompt 
    mysql -h <SQL Host URL> -u <root|master|admin> -p
    CREATE USER 'Roost'@'%' identified WITH mysql_native_password by 'Roost#123'; 
    CREATE DATABASE roostio;
    GRANT ALL on roostio.* to 'Roost'@'%';
    # Execute the Roost Schema file, if available
    \. /var/tmp/Roost/db/roost.sql


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